USAble Mutual Insurance Company


USAble Mutual Insurance Company seeks to maintain the accuracy of these directories. Although these directories are updated frequently, USAble Mutual and its affiliates cannot guarantee that the information has not changed since it was provided to us. If you are not certain that a particular provider is a participating provider, please call the provider or facility to confirm network participation, address and whether new patients are being accepted.

Some doctors & hospitals listed in these directories may provide services not covered under your benefit plan. You should not assume coverage just because a participating provider furnishes or recommends a given treatment or service. Always check your group contract to verify coverage.

Healthcare doctors & hospitals listed in these directories are not the employees or agents of USAble Mutual, nor does their listing indicate any endorsement by USAble Mutual of a provider's service or conduct. USAble Mutual does not, by virtue of making coverage, benefit and payment decisions, exercise any control or direction over the medical judgment or clinical decisions of any healthcare provider. USAble Mutual does not assume any liability for any loss or damage arising as a result of acts or omissions of any healthcare provider, nor does USAble Mutual offer or provide any healthcare service or advice to you or any other person.

Any and all decisions that require or pertain to independent professional medical judgment or training, or the need for medical services or supplies, must be made solely by the member, the member's family and the member's treating physician in accordance with the patient/physician relationship.

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